My artistic processes explore the constructs of memory, loss of memory, and nostalgia in regard to lost, forgotten, or discarded domestic photographic objects.  Much of my attention is focused on the reconstruction of imagery from the appropriated family Kodachrome and its representation in an entirely new although familiar experience.  My artistic interests are held strong in the constructs of time, memory and loss.  The work is meant to evoke personal memory. The memory becomes the subject matter in this fragmented view of the moment (discarded or forgotten).  With memory as the leading element, the audience is forced to experience memory in a fractured state.

Discarded Kodachromes simultaneously belong to everyone and no one.  I delight in the challenge of working with anonymity.  Making this work is similar to a Choose Your Own Adventure book.  There is no certain empirical history with the discarded object, hence inference prevails.  Effectively, found photographic objects lack authorship until transformed into something new.  These transformed pieces have now become yours and mine.

This work is the result of how I visualize memory loss.

Each piece is housed in a vintage Brumberger 2" x 2" metal slide binder.